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Killer dragons - K and M by MatJetAnimalKing Killer dragons - K and M :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 1 5 Jonfrey - Bluecharizardbc by MatJetAnimalKing Jonfrey - Bluecharizardbc :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 1 5 Mate's info by MatJetAnimalKing Mate's info :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 0 0 Freak's info by MatJetAnimalKing Freak's info :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 0 0 Walker's info by MatJetAnimalKing Walker's info :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 0 0 Scar's info by MatJetAnimalKing Scar's info :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 0 2 Tomcat's info by MatJetAnimalKing Tomcat's info :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 1 0 Rip Rap Info by MatJetAnimalKing Rip Rap Info :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 0 2 Ninja's Info by MatJetAnimalKing Ninja's Info :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 0 6 Ninja V.S. Scar by MatJetAnimalKing Ninja V.S. Scar :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 1 0 Demon from Demon Slayers-color by MatJetAnimalKing Demon from Demon Slayers-color :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 0 3 Radogohoh Mizakalih by MatJetAnimalKing Radogohoh Mizakalih :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 2 5 Tatsuki and Hero by MatJetAnimalKing Tatsuki and Hero :iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 1 5
Love hurts - Chapter 5
"Rukia! What the hell are you doing in my house?!" I shouted, staring at her. "And how did you even get in?!" I finshed, face with anger. "T-Tatsuki... I... I'm sorry..." She explained, looking down at Hero. "What... what do you want from... Hero?" I asked her, raising an eyebrow. She look at me puzzled. "Hero?" She asked, looking at the dog again. "Yeah... I named him Hero..." I said, slowly. I saw her look cross at the dog. Hero raised it's small head and whined. "W-What's going on? Rukia?" I asked, concerned. I saw her sigh and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry, Tatsuki..." She said. As fast as she could, she grabbed Hero and headed for the window. Not even explaining what was going on. "WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I shouted, running towards the window that she jumped off from. But when I looked out, she was gone... and so was Hero. I shut the window and slid to the floor, crying.
"...I lost Orihime... and now... Hero?" I asked myself, tears slowly falling from my face. "..I'm really f
:iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 1 7
Love hurts - Chapter 4
I sighed as I looked out of the window, staring into the beautiful blue sky. Wishing I was playing outside, a short haired brown puppy popped into my head. Playing around playfully. I chuckled a little. Only to send weird glances looking my way. I coughed and pretended that nothing had happened. I glanced at the clock, three minutes till 9.
Nearly recess, I just wanted to go outside and get some fresh air. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I gave a slight glance at Orihime, she was writing something in her notebook, giggling and shifting playfully. I was thinking she was passing notes with Ichigo. 'Orihime... if only you know how much I... want you... How much times i think about you everyday!' I thought, feeling my eyes burning up. I slightly rubbed my eyes to prevent anyone from seeing the soft and heart-broken tears that were running down my face. When the bell rang, I quickly gather up my things and headed towards the door. But before I could step foot out the door, I fe
:iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 1 3
Love hurts - Chapter 3
"Orihime... why?! Why did you leave me?!"
"Tatsuki..." "I love Ichigo now... and you can't change that..."
"Ori..hime.. how could you..."
"Tatsuki, you and i have been friends for a long time. But something we cannot be... is somthing we have to live with..."
"But Orihime..." The figure dropped to the ground. "I love.. I love you too much..."
I woke up, face dripping with sweat. "Only... only a dream, No! A nightmare!" I said to myself, breathing heavily. I ran to the toilet to wash my face. I stood there for awhile, looking at my reflection on the mirror above the sink. I walked back to the room to take a look at my clock. "...3 AM..." I whispered. I decided to just take a walk down the neighborhood to cool my thoughts. I changed into my usual clothing and grabbed my coat. I walked down my apartment stairs, not looking where was I going. When I reached the last step, I saw a puppy with a brown coat. I thought I was just imaginating things for a moment but when the puppy went closer, I
:iconmatjetanimalking:MatJetAnimalKing 1 4


A random day ruined Part 2
"Ohh damn right its me! I'm here to convince you not to go in there!"
The 3 of them turns back. They saw a girl with waist length pink hair, big blue eyes, a plaid T-shirt and a furry skirt.
"Karamishi Zugisaru! What a coincidence!" said Kitsana while fake smiling. "Yes, and you aren't allowed in there!" replied Karamishi. "Why not?" asked Mazashiki. "Its not like we're 10 year olds or anything." continues Mazashiki.
As soon as Team Ame goes in the portal, Karamishi then prepares to attack Mazashiki. "I'll cut it to the chase you bitch, what're you doing here and please leave us alone!" said Raishida while he continues to look emo. Karamishi didn't say a word, she just ignores what Raishida has just spoken.
"What do you wanna do know?! PICK A WRECKLESS FIGHT?!" shouted Mazashiki with anger in his eyes. "No, and what if i do?!" replied Karamishi while grinning.
"YOU LITTLE BITCH!" yelled Mazashiki while he starts raising up his fist. "No Mazashiki. Stop it." said Raishida while holding
:iconalyssa-yap:alyssa-yap 3 2
Akane's eye by Bluecharizardbc Akane's eye :iconbluecharizardbc:Bluecharizardbc 6 11 Sun-Sun's eye by alyssa-yap Sun-Sun's eye :iconalyssa-yap:alyssa-yap 3 0
A random day ruined Part 3
Suddenly there is some shadow that possessed Mitubachi's body.
"Ugh, what the hell??" stuttered Mitubachi. Karamishi then grins, as if she was very very proud of her own jutsu. "Y'see now, Mitubachi!! I'm way stronger than you are!" yelled Karamishi. "Well... at least I'm not as dumb as you! God, you're so thick, you make my head hurt!" replied Mitubachi. Karamishi was shocked and replied "What was that? Flat chested girl!!" Mitubachi then ignores her. "Even if you use that possession scroll on me, doesn't mean you can win that easily! Karamishi!" yelled Mitubachi.
No one then said a word.
"Wh-What?? What the hell!!" suddenly Karamishi stuttered. She has just noticed Mitubachi has been fake-falling for her jutsu. "But...B-But how so?!" stuttered again Karamishi. Kitsana then goes to the direction where Mitubachi is, and finally tells her, "Mitubachi, me and Raishida will finish this dumb bitch here. You go ahead and ask Maza to heal your wounds." Mitubachi agreed and nodded her head.
:iconalyssa-yap:alyssa-yap 3 0
Random, eh? by Bluecharizardbc Random, eh? :iconbluecharizardbc:Bluecharizardbc 7 0 ZodoxKitsa by Bluecharizardbc ZodoxKitsa :iconbluecharizardbc:Bluecharizardbc 5 3 Dancing Club group picture by Bluecharizardbc Dancing Club group picture :iconbluecharizardbc:Bluecharizardbc 4 9 Retarded Naime Sakimoto by alyssa-yap Retarded Naime Sakimoto :iconalyssa-yap:alyssa-yap 2 0 Naime Sakimoto is pretty by alyssa-yap Naime Sakimoto is pretty :iconalyssa-yap:alyssa-yap 1 1 Request - Menoly by Bluecharizardbc Request - Menoly :iconbluecharizardbc:Bluecharizardbc 6 9 Free eyes by Bluecharizardbc Free eyes :iconbluecharizardbc:Bluecharizardbc 6 5 Request - Hoshigaki by Bluecharizardbc Request - Hoshigaki :iconbluecharizardbc:Bluecharizardbc 6 9 A stupid reason... by Bluecharizardbc A stupid reason... :iconbluecharizardbc:Bluecharizardbc 7 7 Which eye is better? by alyssa-yap Which eye is better? :iconalyssa-yap:alyssa-yap 2 9 Boy Lineart by Bluecharizardbc Boy Lineart :iconbluecharizardbc:Bluecharizardbc 3 0 Ghost Freak by alyssa-yap Ghost Freak :iconalyssa-yap:alyssa-yap 3 2





Maza Hino
Current Residence: Malaysia?
Favourite cartoon character: Renji Abarai
Hey everybody, I am new on Deviantart and my only friends are :iconbluecharizardbc: and :iconalyssa-yap:

So Anyways, please enjoy my stories. I'm a fan of TatsukixOrihime. Haha,

15 truths

1) Real name - Mazaruhah Hinoshimaru

2) Age - thirteen

3) Interest - Yuri... Yaoi... And other stuff like that ( But just for the record, I'm straight! )

4) School - Home-school

5) Friends - Eric, Aaron, Kyle, Farzana and Alyssa

6) Family - A brother and parents

7) Pets - Dog, Cat, pony

8) Hobbies - Playing with my dog, riding my pony, playing with cat, using computer, playing badminton.

9) Ambition - Dont know yet

10) F.A.V. Song - What hurts the most, Your guardian angel, Where ever you go.

11) F.A.V. type of food - Japanese, Asian, junk food.

12) F.A.V. writer - I have alot of favorite writers.

13) F.A.V. book - I have loads of books

14) F.A.V. drink - Cola, soft drinks, lime.

15) F.A.V. pet - Horse, cat, dog, lizard, kangaroo XD
  • Listening to: Your guardian angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • Reading: Nothing at the moment
  • Watching: TatsukixOrihime fan video
  • Playing: nothing at the moment
  • Eating: prawns
  • Drinking: cola


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